The Dollar Without Borders

Agora is a cutting-edge platform for payments, asset management, and operations, designed for seamless digital value transfer. Providing an instant, low-cost gateway to the global economy, bringing the US dollar to individuals and businesses worldwide. 

Brand Identity
Website Design
Website Development

Financial Ecosystem

In creating the Agora Brand system, we focused on illustrating a secure and interconnected financial ecosystem through a modern, welcoming visual system. In the graphic language we leveraged branching structures and clean lines to represent deep connectivity and chose a palette of greens and neutrals to convey the platform's ease and security. These elements come together to reflect Agora’s commitment to providing a reliable and transparent customer experience.

The logo features the branching structures within a structured container, complemented by a clean, strong serif for a distinctive and easily recognized mark. This design reinforces Agora's identity as a trusted and expansive platform, highlighting their allegiance to reliability and growth.

Transparent and Direct

When designing the Agora site, we used the branching structures from our visual system to create animated graphs that clearly demonstrate how the platform operates and its financial ecosystem. These visual elements provide an intuitive and engaging way for users to understand the intricacies of Agora’s functionality.

To help guide the user journey, we employed our color palette of greens and neutrals to make sections distinctive as well as strategically highlighting important information. The use of greens on neutrals, and vice versa, make call to actions clear and reinforce the platform's sense of transparency and ease.