Where Contemporary
Lifestyles Encounter
Time-Honored Traditions

Seamlessly blending modern lifestyle with the time-honored tradition of Japanese bath houses, Akari offers a rejuvenating sauna experience. By prioritizing community and well-being, Akari transcends the conventional sauna concept, as a unique and revitalizing space in the vibrant Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Brand Identity
Website Design
Website Development

Tranquility in the City

When crafting the brand identity, we ensured it captured three meaningful points for Akari: the heritage of Japanese bath houses, the Williamsburg neighborhood, and the community. Drawing inspiration from the hues of the tiles and the warmth of the wood within the Brooklyn sauna house, the palette is inviting and friendly with an array of soothing blue tones and a complementary yellow.

Additionally, custom illustrations help to define the brand. Paying homage to the name Akari, which means 'light', we crafted a series of lamp illustrations that mirror the lamps in the space. And, a set of figure illustrations represents the community. Alongside the illustrations, Volkolov, a serif, and Helvetica Neue, a sans serif, bring together Williamsburg's personality and Akari's relaxed aesthetic.

A Layered
Visual Narrative

With art direction for Akari, our primary goal was to create moments that reflect the peace and tranquility of the space. We achieved this through natural, soft, and light imagery, with warm, neutral tones.

Micro shots capture material details and abstracted, natural textures that add depth and dimension to the visual narrative and invite viewers to appreciate the materials and design elements. Macro, environment shots provide a complement that showcases how community members can relax and enjoy the space.

A View into Akari

Bringing the brand identity into web design began with our immersive photoshoot at the Brooklyn location to capture the atmosphere and community. The photo and video narrative then informed the website's layout and guided the integration of the brand elements and illustrations to create an intriguing user experience. Ambient videos strategically placed at the top of each page give viewers a preview into Akari's serene ambiance and tonal imagery evokes a sense of peace.