Bold AI Graphics

Coupling intuitive interfaces with machine intelligence Dream3D makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful, studio-quality computer graphics. With powerful creative tools built by a team with founding experience at Inokyo and Bayes, Dream3D is maximizing creativity through opening the door to new possibilities for 3D work. With Dream3D, creatives can build nuanced 3D graphics faster.

Brand Identity

Expansive Possibilities

Dream3D’s ability to bring together tech and imagination to push the boundaries of 3D designs inspired the brand system. Creators working on flat, 2D planes, use Dream3D to bring their designs to life through 3D graphics. We built a brand system centered around point line and plane designs that speak to the building block foundation of the spectacular graphics users can create with Dream3D.

Pixelated Play

The logomark’s digitized type embodies this concept of flat plane points as building blocks through its unique pixelation. The mark’s integration of these playful, distorted moments pair with a modern type to create a custom mark that represents Dream3D’s imaginative brand world.

Our initial core concepts of collaboration of tech and imagination, and expansion of the boundaries of 3D highlighted key elements of play and possibility. Thus, we chose a vibrant, friendly palette and paired it with a set of custom patterns. We integrated the pixelation from the logomark into the patterns, creating a cohesive graphic system that is striking in static and animated formats, and works well applied to both print and digital applications. The range of graphics, all emerging from pixel foundations, represents the multitude of possibilities for users creating on Dream3D.