Streamlining Your
Financial Operations

From payments to reporting, across fiat and crypto,  streamline your businesses’ financial operation on one simple interface. Fern enables the effortless, affordable, and regulatory-compliant handling of your crypto transactions, all within the user-friendly framework of Web2 UX.

Brand Identity
3D Design

Progressive & Efficient

We strategically chose a bold type for Fern’s wordmark to speak to the brand’s trustworthiness and authority in the space. Paired with the brand’s abstract, circular mark, the wordmark stands confident and creates a lasting impression of efficiency and secure financial solutions.

Transparent Transactions

As we developed the Fern brand system, we created clear glass 3D assets to serve as symbolic representations of the brand's commitment to transparent and seamless transactions. The incorporation of circular elements within this design mirrors Fern's dedication to keeping transactions fluid and unified, moving in one continuous motion.

The glass elements used alongside the coin and UI components enhances visual appeal and reinforces the brand's core message of simplicity and clarity. As such, they effortlessly highlight how Fern facilitates transparent and user-friendly transactions.

Trusted Stability

The brand system exudes confidence and leaves an impression of efficiency and secure financial solutions through its use of glass elements and color. The glass elements showcase the brand's commitment to openness in its financial services. The subdued color palette instills a sense of trust and reliability. Working together, the pair establish a strong and straightforward brand.