Brokering the
Art of Tomorrow

Incubated by Flamingo DAO, Fountain is a broker for high-value crypto art specializing in connecting buyers and sellers of exceptional digital collectibles. Offering a wide range of services, including art advisory, portfolio curation, donation consulting, and custody guidance, Fountain is building the brokerage for the art of tomorrow.

Brand Identity
Website Design

A Twist on Traditional

The white-glove service, care, and expertise Fountain brings to the world of crypto art led us to designing a brand system inspired by traditional art galleries. With a minimalist design that uses ample negative space to allow the artworks to take center stage, this homage to institutional galleries underscores the Fountain team’s thoughtful curation and practice. 

Leading our visual identity is a custom mark that builds on Fountain’s name, which is a direct nod to Marcel Duchamp’s famous sculpture, Fountain. Drawing on the original form of Duchamp’s piece, we crafted a streamlined mark to complement the larger brand system. The mark is versatile, working well balanced beside the bold sans serif wordmark, and as a graphic element itself alongside the modern serif secondary type and palette of neutrals.

the Collection

Following our visual identity work, we designed a website for the Fountain team that aligns with the minimalist quality of the brand. Using a structured, understated linear system atop the brand’s neutral palette, we created an ideal base for graphic typography moments and layered displays of current artworks.