Glass Health

Evidence-Based & Efficient

Glass Health’s AI platform empowers clinicians to efficiently develop differential diagnoses and draft clinical plans. Their technology analyzes patient summaries to suggest evidence-based diagnostic and treatment steps for providers to consider and investigate, ultimately optimizing the practice of medicine and improving patient care.

Brand Identity
Website Design
Website Development

Ambient AI

In creating a brand identity for Glass Health, we used motion to represent the ways that AI works to build support materials for practitioners. Our custom linear graphic system is flexible, working in lighter tones as an ambient element alongside text, or standing boldly in their royal blue hero color. Inspired by their new logomark, the designs are a versatile part of the visual system.

We designed their logomark to represent the ways in which technology can become a network of support to clinicians. Together with a geometric, sans serif wordmark, their new logo embodies the sense of connection and organization that Glass Health tools can provide for practitioners.

A Clear Message

Building on our brand identity work with Glass Health, we also designed and developed their new website. We utilized custom gradients from their new color palette to create a module-based site that makes clear how Glass Health works to help practitioners develop differential diagnoses and clinical plans.