Omakase Reimagined

Ito is a Michelin Guide-recommended omakase-style Japanese restaurant, led by Michelin Star chef Masa Ito and Kevin Kim. Based in Tribeca NYC, Ito's 16-seat counter provides an experience that blends precise execution and technique with a modern approach to the omakase experience.

Brand Identity
Website Design
Website Development
Menu Design

Elegance & Precision

Working closely with the Ito team, we crafted a distinctive brand identity system that seamlessly fuses tradition with modernity. Leading the brand identity is a flexible logo that effortlessly shifts between English and Kanji, capturing the essence of the brand's dual cultural roots.

Complementing this, we chose an elegant and muted color palette to evoke sophistication and timelessness. Each element contributes to a cohesive brand that not only reflects Ito's rich heritage but also their sense of forward-thinking.

A Sophisticated Presence

In creating Ito's website we adopted a minimalist approach, focusing on the brand's clean and modern aesthetic. Embracing simplicity, we employed a dark background to artfully showcase the captivating food photography and create a visually striking, immersive online experience aligned with Ito's sophisticated brand identity.

A Simplicity of Spirit

Drawing upon the Japanese concept of Shibumi, “a simplicity of spirit; an attitude of refinement without pretension”, Ito's photography evokes a sense of meticulousness and honesty. Our art direction included the use of long shadows, textural styling, and harmonious compositions to celebrate the meaningful and sustainable dining experience that Ito provides. Photography ranging from shots of plated food, ingredient details, and restaurant atmosphere to chef portraits seeks to embody the Shibumi philosophy.