Experience & Expertise

Merkle emerges as a beacon of innovation in the blockchain realm, developing a protocol that combats against MEV. At the forefront of the crypto landscape, Merkle empowers users to engage in seamless transactions without losing money due to MEV bots, thus heralding a new era of secure and prosperous blockchain trading.

Brand Identity
3D Design

Progressive & Energetic

The brand identity is rooted in Merkle’s goals of decentralization, intellectual integrity, dependability, and transparency to instill confidence in their users. We transitioned these concepts into captivating visuals that leverage negative space, ethereal 3D elements, and glass-inspired aesthetics.

The brand’s primary typeface, Fakt Pro, is a modern sans serif whose rounded shape provides a humanistic feel. Using various weights of Fakt Pro within the type hierarchy cements the brand as focused, people-minded, and forward-thinking. The type, paired with more colorful elements, allows Merkle's brand to stand out in the crypto landscape.

Getting Clear

Building on the brand’s cornerstone value of transparency, 3D elements play a pivotal role in Merkle’s visual system. An airy, sleek aesthetic conveys the reliability, honesty, and peace of mind Merkle brings to blockchain transactions and symbolizes the streamlined experience Merkle offers.

The primary color palette utilizes strong neutrals to convey a sense of trustworthiness alongside vibrant secondary colors that add a progressive touch to the brand. This thoughtful combination not only builds credibility, but also radiates excitement and dynamism, reflecting Merkle's dedication to innovation and advancement.