Keeping AI Honest 

Modulus is using specialized ZK to bring AI on-chain. As intelligent algorithms become more common online, Modulus is using cryptography to keep them accountable and ensure that results are verifiable.

Brand Identity
Website Design
Website Development

Math Makes It Possible

For Modulus, the brand visuals were inspired by the math that makes AI verification possible. Motion drives graphics that add, subtract, multiply, and divide. These shapes and forms are pixelated and dynamic, a visual representation of AI models. They exist within an overarching gridded system that brings a sense of straightforwardness that reflects Modulus’ work to keep AI honest. 

The pixelated graphics create an endlessly flexible system, as does a color palette based around black, white, and a suite of grays. And, strong navy and a vibrant cyan add an element of play when desired.

Magical Movement

In designing Modulus’ website, we leaned into the gridded structures of our brand identity work and paired it with an experimental horizontal layout. In web development we created a gentle horizontal movement framework that allows the pixelated graphics to fade, stretch, and transform. The element of pixelation even carries into the type page markers to create a cohesive visual. Together the UI feels streamlined, interactive, and refreshing.