Creator-Led Podcasts For The Girls

Pierced is the first creator-led podcast network that’s making podcasts for the girls. A platform that collaborates with creators to produce podcasts that speak to the complex and unique experiences of the girls and young women of today.

Brand Identity
Social Assets

Leading Boldly  

For Pierced, we developed a bold, colorful visual identity that represents their mission. With expressive type and an electric color palette, this new brand system embodies the unique stories they produce.

For the primary and secondary fonts, we chose Mabry and Founders Grotesk. These bold, modern typefaces reinforce themes of confidence and innovation inherent in the  brand. The bright, punchy colors enhance the representation of the diverse creators and voices within the Pierced network.

With innovation as a core brand pillar, we designed a logo for Pierced that would reflect their place as a leader in a new era of podcasts for a Gen Z audience. Vivid colors and quirky ink traps add character to the custom mark, aligning it seamlessly with the content they produce. The distinctive logo ensures Pierced is instantly recognizable and a platform that is one of a kind.