Shopify Storefonts

Replo is a no-code editor for building Shopify websites and landing pages. With Replo, it’s easy for non-technical users to easily create and customize beautiful landing pages on Shopify. Built for serious e-commerce marketing teams, users can efficiently supercharge their Shopify storefronts.

Brand Identity
Website Design

Build It Beautifully

We worked with Replo to craft a visual identity that plays off the concept of building blocks. Using a combination of unique grid systems, playful geometric shapes, and vibrant colors we constructed a versatile identity that speaks to both the ease-of-use and flexibility of the product itself.

We designed a logomark that became the heart of our building block visual system. A repeated quarter-circle works with negative space to create a monogram mark. This shape repetition emphasizes the ease of building with Replo, and the opportunities to customize and make something unique when starting from their pre-built landing page templates.

Create It, Custom

For Replo's brand system and web design, we expanded the theme geometric shapes and building that we created for the logomark. The shape from the logomark becomes a piece of each additional shape in the system in order to streamline the visual language and complement the linear grids. To balance this more structured visual style, we used lively colors, color blocking, and stark outlines that add a refreshing touch.