Savvy Wealth

Rebranding a pioneer in the wealth management space

A digital-first platform for financial advisors, Savvy is modernizing human financial advice. Automating workflows, the platform brings together the best of the human touch and the latest in technology to provide a more holistic view of your finances.

Brand Identity
Website Design
Website Development

Modernizing Finance

When crafting Savvy’s brand identity, we focused on creating an approachable and inviting brand to appeal to both financial advisors and future Savvy clients. Inspired by the array of opportunities Savvy provides to help modernize human financial advice, as well as the strong sense of community it nurtures, we designed a color palette that harmoniously blends rich, warm colors with earthy neutral tones. To accompany the brand’s color palette, we designed a logo that reflects professionalism, modernity, warmth, and community-driven values.

A graphic system of linear, connected shapes furthers these ideas of community and support. Through careful consideration and thoughtful design, this new visual identity embodies the essence of the Savvy brand.

Community of Professionals

As we moved from brand Identity, we took Savvy’s new identity and brought it to life in web design. In developing Savvy's website, we strategically integrated subtle motion into the linear elements, providing an engaging and dynamic user experience. The thoughtfully curated color palette, merging warm and earthy tones, not only lends visual appeal but also directs attention to essential points on the site, offering a seamless and intuitive navigation experience. With its clean and modern design, the website remains accessible to all, embodying Savvy's dedication to inclusivity and community-driven values.