Protecting Your
Health From Home

Scout is a platform providing accurate and affordable health tests at home. The Scout Hub device allows for quick and accurate health data, making at home health testing easier than ever.

Brand Identity

A Supportive Guide

The visual system we designed centers around Scout as a guide and protector of users’ health, starting with the mark itself. Featuring two layers of geometry, the custom mark represents layers of protection as well as how Scout’s product focuses in, precisely identifying health information. Expanding from the logomark, whose rounded geometric shapes are a nod to the shape of the Scout Hub device, the motif of protective shapes carries throughout the entire visual system as containers for photography and even graphics for packaging.

Keeping in mind the ease and comfort associated with home health testing, we created a bright, friendly palette to be used alongside warm lifestyle photography throughout brand applications. Whether it be online or on shelves, Scout’s branding is approachable, uplifting, and supportive.