Connect, Listen Live,
and Stream Together

Stationhead connects music fans to one another, and to their favorite artists—it’s where communities can come together over their shared love of music. Users can connect, listen live, and steam together, all on Stationhead. By allowing users to play their favorite music and host their own audio channels, Stationhead empowers a new kind of musical community building.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity

The Heart of the Action

Stationhead was created from a deep passion for the connection between fans, artists, and the music itself. We built a brand strategy that highlights how Stationhead brought back the magic of that connection that had begun to fade with the rise of streaming. Stationhead is the metaphorical venue where fans and artists can come together for a uniquely honest, shared experience. We carried this idea into visuals, creating an identity inspired by bringing the magic of the past into the present, utilizing nostalgic soft grain textures, free form audio wave shapes, and an electric palette.

Taking the Mic

Unlike other music-streaming apps, Stationhead doesn’t only spotlight artists, but hands fans the mic as well. Because Stationhead is made for fans to connect, listen, and even lead their own channels, it was important for us to craft a strategy inclusive of them, along with artists. While fans and artists intersect at music venues, with the rise of streaming, Stationhead allows for this to happen anywhere - becoming the venue for these impactful connections.

From our brand strategy positioning Stationhead as the heart of the action where fan communities could connect with artists, we sought to create visuals that felt both exciting and empowering. We paired a bright palette with our bold new mark that pays homage to their visual roots. To balance, we included soft grain wave forms inspired by audio waves to bring music back to the center.