Story Protocol

A New Era of Storytelling

Story Protocol is reimagining storytelling. When creators seek to build a narrative universe, they must choose between the limitations of a publisher, or the uncertainty of independence. Utilizing Web3 allows Story Protocol to realize the potential of the next great narrative universe, with a future of networked IP development where creativity operates on open-source principles with ownership rights and economic incentives built in. As such, Story Protocol is prioritizing creative independence, immersive storytelling, and community participation.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
3D Design
Web Design

Pioneering Creativity

To build a comprehensive brand strategy that could appropriately serve their needs over time, we had to first understand the unique vision for the company and protocol. We viewed Story Protocol as a two-stage rocket. In the first stage, their top aim was to become a beacon for high-quality narrative content, groundbreaking distribution, and fan participation in the way of a more traditional studio. In the second stage, the protocol opens to anyone seeking a toolkit and ecosystem to imagine the next interactive narrative franchise, boundless in what they can create. 

With these stages in mind, we created a brand strategy that could encompass Story Protocol’s vision across the two stages. As their audiences are those seeking to shape the landscape of storytelling, their new brand positioning makes clear that Story Protocol is empowering them to do so by pioneering creativity at the intersection of exceptional vision and groundbreaking creative execution. Through open infrastructure, Story Protocol enables immersive, community-powered narrative universes. 

Immersive Collaboration

At its core, Story Protocol is building open infrastructure that allows creators to collaboratively build narrative universes. We designed a bold and geometric logomark reminiscent of building blocks and inspired by the co-creation possible on the protocol. An expressive type system echoes the logomark's innovative feel. A balanced sans serif and a dynamic serif pair to reflect Story Protocol’s modern take on storytelling as well as historic narratives and printed works.

An extensive library of animated 3D assets inspired by genres of stories and different medium formats bring a sense of immersion and dimension to the visuals. The worlds of fantasy, drama, and poetry inspired soft, amorphous shapes. Futuristic metallic objects link to sci-fi and mystery. And natural textures of stone, marble, sand, and glass represent historical fiction and mythology. The shapes themselves vary, too—some are lively abstractions, while others evoke letterforms. Yet, they come together, just as writers, fans, and developers do on Story Protocol. 

Stories Across Mediums

Our brand work for Story Protocol comes together in our website design, showcasing how their strategy and visual system creates an engaging user experience. Animation throughout the site brings the sense of energy and draws the user into Story’s captivating, collaborative worlds. The 3D shapes move, shift, interact, and transform seamlessly between visual icons for prose and comics, podcasts and audio, and film and television. The flexibility of this system illustrates how narrative universes built on Story Protocol can adapt across mediums as they continue to grow.

From the Story Protocol Team

"Slope has been an amazing partner to work with. As a startup in the Web3 space with a complex vision and many user personas to account for, Slope worked closely with us to deeply understand the problems we were solving through brand strategy, which ultimately made a huge difference when working on the visuals for the brand. Jeffrey and team are incredibly professional and all around a joy to work with! Awesome work and communication from the team."