Modernizing Mill Mangement

Tamarack is a cloud-based software helping to modernize the forest products industry. With Tamarack, lumber mills can maximize revenue by optimizing all aspects of sales and workflow.

Logo Design
Web Design
Web Development

A Balanced Refresh

One of Tamarack’s key focuses is the importance of real relationships with their customers. To bring this to visuals, we designed a system that feels reliable and approachable. We applied these concepts to a redesign of their logo. A friendly, modern sans serif feels accessible, and the capital ‘T’ balances the logomark at the opposing end of the lockup to evoke a feeling of stability. The logomark utilizes negative space to not only represent the tree inspiration from Tamarack’s original mark, but also a digital cursor to link to their software solutions.

Accessible & Informative

In expanding the visuals for the website, we leaned into an illustration style that would continue the feeling of accessibility and friendliness through linear graphics with rounded edges. These illustrations pair well with stylized UI screens that give insight into the Tamarack product. And a color palette grounded in shades of green with bright secondary colors unites both graphic styles. Using visual graphics throughout the website, alongside ample negative space, allows for easy comprehension of information and a modern feel.