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Able is an AI platform that helps expedite the commercial loan process. Able’s AI helps to read, understand, and organize all information throughout the loan process, making each phase more efficient. Commercial lenders use Able to quickly collect information from borrowers, streamline processes, and book loans faster.

Brand Identity & Web:
Bringing A Human Touch to AI

For brand and web design and development, we created a new visual system that utilizes minimal line graphics and animations to highlight how their AI streamlines the commercial loan process. These graphics work alongside a typography system that includes a rounded, friendly serif to evoke the human team behind their AI. And, complementing their new, geometric logo mark is a palette of warm neutrals and a bright blue, which together create a sense of trustworthiness and credibility.

What makes Able unique is their utilization of AI to make the commercial loan process easier and more efficient for all parties involved. However, their team and the support they provide is also what sets them apart. As we crafted their brand identity and website design, we wanted a sleek system that could still highlight the human element of their work. We achieved this balance by pairing minimalist graphics with both a modern serif and photography.

Moving from brand identity into web design and development, we used motion to bring the user into the Able story. Able’s AI helps to read, understand, and organize all information throughout the commercial loan process and our graphic animations hint at this idea of helpful automation.

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