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As a customizable virtual office environment, Kumospace allows teams to coordinate work and culture to maximize both liveliness and productivity for teams. With Kumospace remote and hybrid teams can be and work their best together, from anywhere.

Brand Strategy & Identity:
Where Teams Thrive Together

Kumospace is where teams thrive together -- a place where teams are empowered, curious, and connected. Carrying this into visuals, we utilized expressive type and bright, friendly colors, alongside a bold new logo mark reminiscent of their virtual spaces and platform UI. With this, we incorporated photography to show how Kumospace’s virtual office software builds an exciting collaborative environment for real teams to connect.

Following our positioning of Kumospace as the place for teams to coordinate work and culture, we designed a monogram logo mark with negative space representing the entryways into their virtual spaces. From this unique mark, we built a visual system that carries this design across various graphics. From containers for photography to headline highlights, this shape helps to coordinate the visual system and ties into Kumospace’s product.

When virtual and hybrid teams use Kumospace, they can be flexible in their work and connection, helping them to thrive. When designing a visual system for the new brand positioning, it was important to represent the liveliness for which Kumospace allows. One way we achieved this was through a bold palette that also paired well with their product UI.

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