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Passage is the premier protocol for building Web3 membership programs. With Passage, you can create bespoke Web3 membership programs, quickly launch enterprise-grade loyalty NFTs, crypto subscriptions, on-chain behavioral analytics, and much more.

A Refreshed Look:
Elevating Enterprise on Web3

When designing and building a website for Passage, we utilized custom 3D elements that, together with animation, represent the power and complexity of all that can be built with Passage. Across the site we paired these elements with dramatic lighting to highlight the industry-leading membership management tools and other key features of the protocol.

Because Passage is at the forefront of the new membership economy taking shape in Web3, we wanted their new website to match the excitement and sophistication of such a position. A custom set of 3D elements across the site evoke a sense of energy, possibility, and power.

To accompany the site’s 3D assets, we brought in motion, as well as high-contrast lighting. Together, they create a visual space that feels futuristic and draws in the viewer. With Passage, users are taking the next step toward the future of membership programs.

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